A place
with authentic beauty

Basilicata is a unique land, capable of fascinating and surprising.
A small region that offers many experiences.


Matera is one of the oldest cities in the world, the custodian of stories and memories that have been handed down for centuries.

The city of the Sassi, a place where landscapes, cultures, traditions and civilizations have alternated and united over time – nominated by Unesco in 1993 as a World Heritage Site and in 2014 European Capital of Culture for 2019 has become over the years source of pride and symbol of a land that has been able to redeem itself by showing everyone its charm and its true nature.

Marina di Pisticci

Less than thirty minutes from Matera is Marina di Pisticci, a popular destination for sea lovers and those who want to spend a holiday of pure relaxation.

Around the territory of Pisticci, there are the Calanchi Lucani, clayey furrows that create a fascinating natural scenario for their uniqueness and beauty.

About 25 km away is the village of Pisticci, a very characteristic village where the historic buildings, the defensive towers and the row of white houses with red roofs make this town a small treasure chest to admire and protect.


Policoro, the ancient Heraclea, is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday: sea, nature and history combine to create a unique landscape.
The crystal and clear sea, the beaches made of sand and small pebbles, are chosen every year by the Caretta Caretta turtles. In fact, it often happens to witness the hatching of the eggs and to see groups of dolphins swimming offshore.

Finally, a visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Siritide, the Sanctuary of Demeter and the Temple of Dionysus, dating back to the 7th century BC. C. will be the perfect memory of a journey to the constant rediscovery of the past.


Land of heroes, gods, philosophers and artists, for centuries it has given refreshment and hospitality to all those who come across it. Metaponto literally means “between two rivers”, because it rises between the Bradano and the Basento.

Nature, sea and archaeology have always been what make this territory a suggestive place. Those who visit Metaponto cannot help but admire the imposing Palatine Tables – twelve columns in Doric style, remains of the Temple of Hera – which at sunset bring out the unchanging charm of Greek art.